Michelle Zamora

Video: Hands That Make


Video: Hands That Make

PARTNER: Maker Media

PROBLEM DEFINITION: Featuring people who use their hands to create, play, and build how might we explore the power and the pleasure of using our hands to make things?

SOLUTION: The video gives examples and testimonies around why our hands are so important, how our brain works directly with our hands, and in-turn why learning must be hands on. 

The hands are the instruments of our intelligence
— Maria Montessori


I was given a list of contacts to connect with and interview for the video. Due to timeline and budget, I recommended four acquaintances. All affiliated with the Sacramento City College Makerspace—Missy is a business owner and faculty member, Finley is a student, Scout is a business owner and former student, Cody is a former student and current adjunct faculty member. After interviewing and collecting content, I wrote a short narrative—weaving together quotes and ideas about why we make and how we learn.

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Constraints & Limitations

Inspired by the title, “Hands That Make” and confident in my decision to shoot only hands, I did not capture any faces while filming. After feedback, the client preferred to see faces. Fortunately, I was able to reschedule all four interviews to capture necessary footage.


Thank you for your work, Michelle. I really appreciate what you created on video as well as the process of working with you.
— Dale Dougherty, Founder & CEO, Make Media

The final piece was published by Maker Media here. The final collaboration was successful and the message was clearly delivered. For future projects, I learned that clearly communicating look and feel during the exploration and scope phase is essential and to collect more than enough content for those just-in-case scenarios.