Michelle Zamora

Video: Hands That Make

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Video: Hands That Make

PARTNER: Maker Media

PROBLEM DEFINITION: How might we explore the power and the pleasure of using your hands to make things, featuring people who use their hands to create, play, build and explore.

The hands are the instruments of our intelligence
— Maria Montessori

SOLUTION: The video gives examples around why hands are so important for us as humans, why our brain and hands are wired together so well, and in-turn why learning must be hands on. Published by Maker Media here.


I was given a list of contacts to connect with and interview for the video. Due to timeline and budget, I recommended four individuals I knew from the Sacramento City College Makerspace; all makers, business owners, and/or crafts-people.

After interviewing and collecting content, I wrote a short narrative—weaving together quotes and ideas about why we make and how we learn.

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All affiliated with the Sacramento City College Makerspace—Missy is a business owner and faculty member, Finley is a student, Scout is a business owner and former student, Cody is a former student and current adjunct faculty member.

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Constraints and Limitations

Inspired by the title, “Hands That Make” and confident in my decision to shoot only hands, I did not capture any faces while filming. After viewing version 1, the client asked to see faces.

Fortunately, I was able to reschedule all four interviews to capture necessary footage.


For future projects, I will clearly communicate the needs of audio, visual, and look and feel during the exploration and scope phase of the design process. While communicating look and feel may be limiting, I learned to collect more than enough content for those “just in case” scenarios.

In this instance, the final collaboration was successful and the message was clearly delivered.