Michelle Zamora

Video Series: California Community College Makerspaces


Video Series: California Community College Makerspaces


PARTNERS: CCC Maker, Butte College, Cabrillo College, Folsom Lake College, City College of San Francisco, Allan Hancock College, Sierra College, Sacramento City College

PROBLEM DEFINITION: How might we highlight the impact and potential of community college makerspaces?

SOLUTION: The videos demonstrate seven college makerspace ecosystems, each unique yet cohesive in their values and practices of inclusivity, accessibility, innovation, community, and creativity. Each video is strategically marketed to help secure future funding for individual college makerspaces. The video series will be featured at the 2019 International Symposium for Academic Makerspaces (ISAM) in New Haven, Connecticut.

CCC Maker

In 2016, the California Community College Chancellor’s Office, Workforce and Economic Division funded the $17 million CCC Maker Initiative for three years under the Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy framework.


Collaboration with the core CCC Maker team during exploration was invaluable—here, the scope, problem definition, and production timeline were clearly defined.


Traveling to five cities in California, we shot the content for six videos in two and a half months.



Like the organs in our bodies, each has a specific role, but together they allow our bodies to function. A makerspace is the same—different players: faculty champions, student help, business partners, and administrators coming together to do good work—this was the story we wanted to tell.


Ramping up for the make/SHIFT conference, our team was working on many different projects. Inspired by an article shared by one of our team members, I created this poster to help keep sight of our goals.


Production Phases

In addition to project management, my roles included correspondence among campus communities, empathizing and interviewing over ninety members of the college ecosystems. I designed, developed, and allocated creative assets for production including voice overs, motion graphics, photography, and branding. Working with subcontractors for music production and camera operation, I directed filming, created storyboards, edited and produced videos.

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 4.24.02 PM.png

Constraints & Limitations

Audio files, gone. : | ….I wanted to cry, well I did a little. Somehow, our audio files for one of the days of shooting at Cabrillo College did not exist (6 interviews). After panic mode, I went into solution mode and racked my brain on how this could be fixed. Ultimately I went back to Santa Cruz (not the worst place to revisit) to reshoot two indispensable interviewees. Their interviews ended up being better than the originals and all was well.


Results/Looking back

The videos were featured on opening night of the make/SHIFT conference and at the 2019 Bay Area Maker Faire. Published here by Maker Media.

The stories make me swell with pride and emotion, and I am very grateful that we had your talent as part of the statewide team. Thank you again for your work ethic, your creativity, and your joy in telling the stories of human achievement.
— Carol Pepper-Kittredge, Statewide Project Director, CCC Maker

I am grateful to the CCC Maker team for empowering and guiding me on this journey. With an aptitude for organization and project management we completed quality projects from end to end. Empathizing and connecting with individuals, I refined my interviewing style and technique and improved correspondence proficiency. My editing work/flow is more efficient and creativity in storytelling broadened—learning new ways to deliver stories that drive impact with each video.