Michelle Zamora


Day 16: Build

What does it mean to build? To stack blocks, to attach legos? To craft a volcano, to create a marble mechanism? To spend time in a friendship, to put energy into a relationship? To work hard on your goals, to focus in your career? When we build something, are we ever really done? 

As a child, you play with your blocks- building them up. They always fall down. So you build them up again. Then as we get older we spend more time and energy on the things we build. Get more attached to the things we make ourselves. The thought of throwing them out or breaking them down to go into the bin is not a thought in our minds at all. But all things are temporary, in reality, and those big bulky projects we built in middle and high school probably don't exist anymore. 

Building personal relationships gets even more sticky. Time, energy, communication, emotions. To build a new relationship or keep an old friendship is no easy task. 

We're alway building something. Sometimes I think it's what we were made to do. We were built too. Weren't we? By what or who? If we were built... we were designed to do something purposeful. Because when we truly set our minds to build something important, it's always for a reason. The first fork wasn't invented for no reason. There's always a reason.

So we build. And we break down, and we build again. It means we've made something. It means we did it. It means we tried. And maybe that's it. I'm happy to build. If I can turn something into a thing it's never been before, I'm happy.

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