Michelle Zamora


Learn by Failing

It's a common phrase these days. Learn by doing, learn by failing, it's okay to fail... the idea is, we tried. So I'm admitting failure today for two reasons. 1. It's been 4 days since I've created something for my 30 Day Challenge. 2. I more than doubled the amount of days I completed the first time I tried this challenge. Success of failure? Failure to achieve a goal, sure. But failure to learn? Absolutely not. I'm glad I started and made what I made. I even learned some things. 

  • How to finish a project on a deadline (start and finish in however much time I allotted myself that day)
  • How to be creative, even when I don't feel like being creative

The other, main reason, I wasn't able to produce personal work every day for thirty days is because...I got a job. And job says: do me. I love the work- I'm producing creative solutions to big problems. And THAT has been taking up all of my time. Well, when I'm not playing in the snow.

Now on to doing important work- work I'm skilled and prepared to do. It's an exciting new chapter in my life and I'm excited to get started. 

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