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Technical Knowledge Aside, what makes for a good Web Designer?

I journal quite a bit, and last week I wrote this: “What do I love about design thinking?" You get to become a conductor. Knowing all of what goes into a final performance, knowing all the pieces of the puzzle, and watching it assemble before your eyes. Seeing the magic take place. I’ve been thinking in a way a designer needs to think. I’ve been asking all of the right questions.”

When I read the title “Design isn’t just about pixels,” I sort of cringe because I think to myself, “Duh.” When the author explains how design isn’t just about aesthetics and then asked his readers if they are confused, my answer is simply, no. I’m not confused. While I don’t have all of the technical skills locked down, I do believe design is about knowing yourself, knowing other people, and creating an impact through designing compelling stories.

In Aaron Morton’s, “Why you need to ask more creative questions,” if you ask [a problem] as a question, you are prompting the brain to find an answer. In accordance with asking important questions, I’ve been actively living step six from “Jump from graphic to web design in seven easy steps” for the past three years: Face your fear. According to the Creative Bloq Staff, “To overcome you [your fears] you must know you.” Nine years ago, in one of my first journal entries, I asked the question: What is happiness and how do people achieve it? Since then I’ve been on a journey—more deeply observing myself and the people around me, subconsciously trying to understand what makes people do what they do.

I used to scrutinize myself for being a master of none, but the more designers I meet, the more I know it’s a positive quality for a designer to possess. The designer, or the “conductor” is not a violinist, or a pianist, or a bass player. The conductor has the deep skill to hold and conduct the rhythm of a symphony, while having a broad understanding of each musicians’ abilities. Just as a T-shaped Creative may be deeply skilled in graphic design, but has a broad understanding of many other areas like psychology, sociology, or business and economics. So a good designer is just that, as well as curious about the self and willing to deeply observe the world that surrounds her.

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