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New at Lighting

The struggle was real when my professional UX friend suggested that I redesign my entire portfolio site. I thought I was on track, but per usual a second pair of seasoned design eyes and you’ve got a whole situation on your hands. It was welcomed. I was happy to engage in other possible solutions to make my site better and more attractive to potential employers.

The list was long. One of her most pertinent critiques was that I use better quality photos of my work. “They look washed out…maybe you could present them better.”

My action plan: make a light box. After very minimal research, I grabbed my keys and headed to Walmart. Before I left I stumbled into the garage and saw some old poster boards sitting next to the freezer. “Those could be a box,” I thought. I ran into my room and found my old army knife, and started cutting.

Great. Now I needed light. I only had four items on my list, but as soon as I crossed the threshold of Walmart, I felt like a lost puppy. A little intimidated, I went upstairs slowly examining each aisle. An hour later, I was out of there with 3 out of the 4. Luckily Michael’s was right next door.

At home I assembled all the parts, and made my parents dining room into a makeshift product photography set. I used my dad’s 55 mm and my iphone to test the shots. Okayyyy! Looking good.

I uploaded a few shots to check the results. Yellow. Brown. Dull.
What was wrong? I found another lamp and added a third light. Nothing.

After a little more jimmying and a liiiittle more research, I went back to Walmart. I was using 100W LEDS with a soft white light. I needed a cooler, daylight bulb.

After the always eventful Walmart, I came home to try the new bulbs. Hopeful.

But nothing! A little better color, but still not what I wanted. I brought some in to edit, and found I could get what I wanted with just a few touch ups. But it still means I have to edit every photo. I guess that’s how production works.

So in a week or two, my new site will be up and running. With brand new, beautiful photography by yours truly.

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