Michelle Zamora


Day 12: Customary Shwoop

The shotty mockup is a result of time management. As I move through this 30 day challenge, I'm finding that I'm sort of half-assing some of these pieces because I'll start designing after a long day and I just want to be producing something, anything. Half-assing, as in, the ideas are there, but the quality of work is not. I realized within the first two days this was going to be about producing content and ideas, not about producing the best work of my life. 

Customary Shwoop comes from a near and dear memory from my adolescence. It was only a few weeks ago I realized, the game our swim coaches played with us every summer, was a modified drinking game. Customary Swhoop was essentially the Social round in a game of Kings Cup. Cheers, Dave and Ty. 

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