Michelle Zamora


Day 10: The Giving Tree

A tree sat at the top of a hill. It was dusk and the sun lit of the sky so that all the best colors were visible. "Why on earth would I give?" said the tree, "Why would I give anything at all when all they do is take. They suck up all I have and what do I get in return? Dirty air, fallen brothers and sisters, hurricanes and climate change.

..."Why would I give at all?" 

"Give" whispered a low voice just beside him, "Because it's what you were made to do." 

The tree shook, shaking it's leaves, trying to see who said it.

"Who goes there? Show yourself!" he shouted. 

"Give, said the wind, so they may survive." "Live," said the wind, "so they may learn."

"They're unteachable!" yelled the tree. "They'll never learn. They'll destroy us all- earth, wind, fire and animal. All life on earth will soon perish. So why shall I give, then...for the benefit of the humans? I'd sooner give my life. So they might see what it feels like." 

"I see," whispered the wind. "Well then- go ahead. Go ahead and die."

"Well it doesn't work like that, does it? I can't just die on q." 

"Can't you?" the wind said with subtle scorn. 

The tree fell silent. Even if the tree tried, with all his might- it was simply impossible for him to stop living. There were no diseases he could bring into his leaves, no man he could summon to cut him down. No drought to grant his wish. He finally came to the realization that he lives and there was nothing he could do about dying.

The tree sighed a big sigh. It's not as if he truly wished death upon himself- but he was honest in saying he'd rather die than live for the lot of greed-stricken humans. 

"Have you died yet?" asked the wind.

"No. I haven't." 

"Well, then- live. Live for the ones who need the air you provide. Live for the children who need your beauty. Live for the ones who try to be better. Live because they need you, no matter how selfish they may be at times. Give, because as long as you are living, you can."

Tree was still. Not a single leaf shook.

"Give," he thought, "because that's what you were made to do." 

As soon as the tree took a deep inhale, the wind swooped around and filled him up.

She wooshed through him and gave him new life. "Live, so they may learn."

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