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Thirty Day Design Challenge: Day 1

Sometimes I'll make a list of goals or design a vision board in addition to countless lists and notes. The first thing on my current Goal Board is Complete a 30 Day Design Challenge. If not now then when, right? The last time I attempted this was a complete fail. I think I made it to day 8... This time I want to hold myself accountable. If I complete a challenge every day for 30 days, I will buy myself a ticket to Seattle to visit friends I met on the Camino de Santiago. I've never been to Seattle and I've never been to the San Juans. Thirty days from today is December 18th. 

Mission Statement: Live each day with thoughtful purpose. Take time to meditate, thank the universe and thank God. Use my skill and creativity to create designs and products that serve my community and the world. 

Day 1: 6 Ways

This mobile app and tablet interface is a product to split checks with ease while dining with a group of friends. I've worked in the restaurant industry for years and know the current POS systems are not the most user friendly. With this product, in two simple steps, the user can pay for his/her tab separately without giving the server a heart attack. Further, the user-friendly tablet interface for entering in food and beverages is a welcome improvement for the server. I call it "6 Ways."



To be continued... I definitely want to develop this idea, so stick around :)

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